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"Me buck-o, me boy!"


              "Me buck-o, me boy!"

          (M.L. McGrail, March, 2024)

"Matt, me boy, me buck-o, me boy,

cast line and push off,

I'll steer a straight shot from shore!"

"Now leap in the stern!"

"We've got no time to waste!"

"If we fetch those first gusts, then the winds we'll attack!" 

Sketch by M. L. McGrail (March, 2024)

"Look back once again,

so we bear all our gear."

"If the mooring is free, I'll motor us clear!"

"Now you grab the till, we've launched her full flat."

"Me Matty, me buck-o, I've been waiting for that!"

"My boy, skies are blue, not a cloud marks this day."

Let's chart cross this harbor, and sail her away!"

"Matt, me-boy, quick tighten your lines, and her sails a bit more." 

"You've got this me buck-o, me Matty, me boy?" 

"Just perfect, stay loose now, and, ride her with ease.

"We've twenty yards yonder, and then we'll break free!"

"Me bucko, look up!"

"Wing-on-wing at the bow!"

"Let all sails rest loose!"

 "I'll switch with you now."

"I need to see what you've seen!" "How you've done what you did!"

"It's rare when it happens, but you've done it somehow!"


"But how have you've done it?"

"Oh, let's ride it some more!"

"You've got this me buck-o, me Matty, me boy!"

"I'll scoop out the water, 

it will keep safe as we move."

"A coffee can chucked with bare hands; a Captain's sacred tool!"

"Switch again with me now and ease up the jib's pull."

"Throw your eye on the main, and tighten hard 'til she's full." 

"Do you hear those clips clanking, on the metals on high?"

"These sails can not luff, we'll lose speed, now standby!"

"Set steady your course."

"Do you need any help?"

"An extra hand on the till?"

"A strong gust ahead's coming!"

"Be gentle, be still."

"Eyes glued to the horizon me buck-o,

eyes straight as can be!"

"If we slide her just right, we'll pass smooth through these weeds!"

"I see rocks on your right Spike!"

"Pull the centerboard free!"

"Let the jib out fast, quick now!"

"That main too must be freed!"

"A hard left on my count buck-o!"

"We'll spin our way out!"

"On three, I say Matty!"

"We're coming about!"

"Duck under the boom, 

and swing us around!"

"Me buck-o, I'll take over!"

"The rudder's aground!"

"I can level her off, you keep the sands in your sight."

"Me buck-o, I knew it!"

"These depths don't feel right!"

"Get back on the main, me boy,

and pretend we're at war!"

 "Wrap her ropes tighter still now!"

"Then yank her once more!  

"Me buck-o, the jib line, can you reach that one too?"

"If you throw it to me, I'll lock her on cue!" 

"Centerboard down now! 

"Shake rope hard on her pulley!"

"She sticks like clockwork, 

me buck-o!"

"Make sure she's down fully!"

"Sit near, help me scoop!"

"She leaks down below at the plug."

"Once you've filled the old rust can, I'll make sure she sits snug."

"Look, there is your Mom!"

"In the distance, she's waving from shore!"

"Let's swing her 'round Matty,     

me buck-o, me boy!"

"I've the till back on track now."

"On to the horizon we'll drill."

"Now wave to your dear Mom, just a wave for the thrill!" "      

"And wave one more for me too!"

"Then look high on those hills!"

"There's clouds above shifting."

"Can you feel that slight chill?"

"The winds circle down sometimes!"

"It can be perfect, me boy!"

"They can bring magic like Christmas,

or storms that destroy."

"Look again up those same hills, stirring wind at their will."

"In a flash they'll spread white caps, rough waters, and spills."

"But buck-o, we've done it!"

"No listing, sit back and relax!"

 "The winds doing her work,

we've caught her at last!"

"These waters are mighty." 

"Right now, not to fright!" 

"This afternoon's perfect!"

"A perfect delight!""

"Once more, you take the till!"

"And this time I'll work the sails."

"Steady as she goes Spike!"

"Don't lose sight of my Gail."

"The dock's dead ahead now."

"A bit further, and yes a bit faint."

"But your Mother, me buck-o!"

"Oh, your Mother's a Saint!" 

"Run your hand over the gunnel, and reach just below." 

"Feel those cool waters splash your fingers?"

"It's perfect, I know!"

"Your Mother and I love it." 

"We criss-cross silent and slow."

"We anchor sometimes for a quick dip!"

"Me-bucko, I'm telling you so!"

"We stretch this lake out, then back once more for a ride."

"It gives us both freedom!"

"It gives us such pride!"

"You're luffing old Spike!"

"Seems we're moving too slow!"

"Angle her ever so nearer,

 past these doldrums, and go!"

"Its time to drop the main now."

"Fast, like a Booker on hunt!"

"And pull her down with your both hands!"

"Like an acrobat stunt!"

 "Towards starboard, not port!"  

"You're flapping, my mate!"

"Now jump on her buck-o!"

"And use all of your weight!

"Lay her down quicker still!"

"I've got the jib where I know."

"That she'll be our engine!"

"She'll pull us in tow!"

"Unclip that main Matty!"

"And tuck her in slow."

"Then rush to the cabin and store her below!"

"I'll scoop some more water, and judge distance from where we are now."

"And buck-o, stand taller!"

"Use hawk eyes from the bow!"

"We're coming in fast!"

"Hold still, I'll swing her in slow!"

"Did you get it, me buck-o?"

"Did you hook post with pole?"


"It's the third one!"

"You got it!"

"This dock has a sway."

"Now toss out her bumpers!"

"For this slips' where we'll lay."

"Tie tight the ropes, me buck-o!"

"And I'll work from the back!"

"The stern needs her till tied!"

"Her engine up!"

"Her boom wrapped!"

 "What a great sail this afternoon Gail!"

"It's been gorgeous, just right."

"A short thriller of sorts, packed with cheer, mixed with fright!"

 "This boy's our new crewman!"

"A true star from the gate!"

"You've done it me buck-o!"

"A natural, me mate!"

"Now how 'bout dinner Mom,

and you too, Matt me boy?" 

"There's chowder and crackers!"

"And fresh fish through those doors!"

"Don't worry about me!"

 "Or these winds, they'll call back!" 

"We are never too distant!"

"Just a wink and a laugh!"

 "They will me buck-o, they will!"

 "I am sure it's in our fate."

"Just look where we've travelled!"

"Across time and this lake!"  

"We'll pick a new place, 

and sail faster me boy!"

"A new journey, me buck-o!"

"A new breeze!" "A new storm!"

"But this time you'll lead!"

"Carrying us far off me boy!"

"It's all been a pleasure."

"It's all been my joy!"

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