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Fiery Branches of Indiana Skies

Updated: Feb 28

I may have lost all my leaves, and my days to take light, but stand tall in knowing that I, have braced for new seasons in sight. Strength hides in my bare branches and in winds I let blow through. Changing weather has sent warning, it's now what I must do.

sunset sky

My sails are secure, stored in grasses beneath, and in soils and in roots I've set that much more deep. Now is my time, to trace these cool nights and standby, and to blend under each, fiery Indiana sky." "Others different than me, still journey, and will race up as they do, yet once more I hold fast and with faith, that soon will I too. And in rest I'll keep pace, and throw shadows for gaze, then loft new sails high, above this farmland I grace.

Photo by Mo McGrail, Crown Point Indiana

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